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Yesterday was a day of technological failures from Citizenship docs to bank accounts to this blog. I wasn’t able to log in and it seemed everything with a computer brain froze at my touch, so I wasn’t able to post. I wanted to talk quickly about what was passed in the US Govt yesterday as everyone focused on everything else:

As everyone wonders why Trump went to the hospital and who is next to sit and testify in an impeachment court, the US Congress was voting away on a number of issues, one being another extension of the Patriot Act. A few like AOC and Ilhan Omar voiced their open objection to the controversial issue on Twitter before actually voting against it today. But in the end, it passed anyway with many Democrats and Republicans letting it through.

As citizens, we need to let our minds wander outside of the mainstream news and know what’s really going on behind the scenes, or no progress towards anything will ever be really substantial. Before we vote again next year, read up on the Patriot Act, and other controversial issues that may not be headline news, but still, control our everyday. It’s important we’re informed. Ignorance isn’t bliss anymore, it’s dangerous.

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