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I don’t want to be in here writing this, which is a silly complaint. I could certainly carry this little laptop outside into the garden and write there. This thing weighs significantly less than any school book I ever had to use nevermind my previous computers. I don’t like writing on a laptop outside and I don’t have a desk (not really an excuse but I’m going to use it) and it just doesn’t work. So I’m in here, pretending that tech has only gotten to the 90’s and I have to be stuck inside writing a paper. Technically I could even speak this entire thought process to my phone and it could write it for me.

All these thoughts of how ridiculously advanced things have gotten in my specific lifetime and we take so much of it for granted. I remember riding the Epcot ride in Disney and at the end, they had the “future” and it was two kids from different parts of the world sitting there on big desktop computers and using video chat. That was something that was unbelievable. Today I have that all in my pocket, and we all do. The first time I saw what we now call Skype or Facetime, in reality, was at my dad’s office in Boston for take your daughter to work day. As we were given a tour around the building, we passed a conference room and they had a projector that had been left on with the video conference call still live. The adults let us sit there and watch people walk by the door of the empty room in another branch of the company. We screamed and waved hoping to catch someones attention, and no one could believe it when one woman finally turned toward our shouts and walked into the room. We could hear and see her like she was right there! It’d be years before I’d see it again on our newest PC – the little camera clipped to the top of the monitor.

Last summer, I strapped a ridiculous device on my head and all of a sudden I was standing in a hotel in Amsterdam even though my feet were in Florence, and I walked around the whole place like I was there. I look at my grandparents and see how much they had to accept – from radio to high definition tv to youtube. I can only imagine what the possibilities could be in our lives – the things that’ll make my grandchildren roll their eyes and ask if they could do it for me.


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