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After an entirely lovely 30th birthday yesterday, I’m starting a new project on this page that’ll last for the next 365 days and will hopefully entertain you as much as it will me. 

First, thank you for all of the birthday wishes! The day was spent well with too much good food and another awesome festival full of organic products and antique markets that just continue to fascinate me. Today, it’s back to business and my new project This is Thirty is on day one.

My writer friend Ela Vasilescu successfully finished a project like this a few years back and made a promise to write every day for a year. That means 365 blog posts. Everyday. No sick days, no weekends. There are more writers on Medium that have done this, and even I did it for periods of my life in handwritten journals (and still prefer paper and a pen) but I’ve never done it publically so let’s start off my thirties doing something different (and hopefully really productive).

I’m sure themed days or topics will come out of this eventually though I don’t want to narrow it too much or too early- though all topics I write about are coming from a really unique perspective of living away from my home country, and navigating everything from how to cook pasta correctly to how to get a driving license (and learning to drive a stick) – all in a language I’m still not entirely comfortable in. I still have large parts of my life focused on my family and friends in the US, and I try and go back to visit at least once a year so there’s a ton of things I deal with that many don’t have to – like battling with airline companies annually or dealing with a really sucky internet connection when you’re trying to tell your Mom not to throw out that thingy in your childhood bedroom from 3,000 miles away and across satellites.

I want this project to get me hitting that Publish button every day, but I also want to write things that matter – so I’m also open to any ideas or questions anyone has because I do technically have a lot of blank pages to fill. Otherwise, you are subject solely to my random daily thoughts – so I’ve warned you in advance. 

Here’s to the beginning of a new decade of my life and probably a few more gray hairs sprouting out the top of my head. #thisisthirty better be a good one.

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