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I’m taking out the daily numbers in my titles mostly because they make things overly long and not great for search engines. There’s no change to the project or the plan. One post a day for a year beginning on December 8th 2018. I also am not a fan of numbers in any sort of way (except, oddly for sudoku – figure that out), which is why I’m probably a writer.

My detest for math and anything number-related began in the third grade with the introduction to times tables. I was sitting on the floor with half the class because of some sort of room rearrangement and we were given these flimsy strips of paper and a dull pencil and the timer was set for the MAD MINUTE. In this repeated routine, the teacher would then pick a number from one to ten and then we would have a harrowing sixty seconds to carve out all ten times tables of that number.


You ask me to read out loud, write a story with chapters, do a million book reports – all fine. Don’t make me do math with a timer. It still doesn’t work at thirty. Now those timers have just morphed into cashiers, invoices, and tax returns.¬† That day, I don’t remember the number, but I do remember that not even halfway through, in my panic to scribble something¬†as my brain went blank, my pencil ripped a hole straight through that ridiculous piece of paper and deep into a knot in the old wooden floor and as I was worrying about the hole in my paper, the sixty seconds were up and I was crying.

And that was on paper. Let’s not talk about the god-awful games of catch the ball full of numbers or (gasp) being called up to the chalkboard to solve math problems. NO THANKS. Leave me with my books. My math teacher Mrs. Florent, somehow got me to high school. I didn’t even take pre-algebra, opting instead for Senior Math, which basically was a class on how to budget yourself when you don’t go to college. In college, I outwitted the system by taking the only obligatory math class without numbers – with a title something like Logic and Reasoning.

That was it for me. I dove straight into Shakespeare and poetry and all of those lovely words that can mean so many things and there’s never one right answer that you need to come up with in thirty seconds or less. Words take time. Numbers don’t mean much. So they’re coming off my entries and more words are filling the void. Just how I like it.

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