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Immigration Update – Part One

August 29th 2016 - The Day We Felt Hope Rami and I were finally approved for our I-130 in August of last year after almost two years of waiting - even though the normal processing time is generally only about six months. Lizz, our lawyer, had been repeatedly asking...

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Leaving Bus2alps

September 2013 When anyone asks me if they should apply for Bus2alps, to begin the process of trying to take flight and become a traveler, adventurer, and tour guide, the first sentence out of my mouth is always the same: You are an idiot if you don't at least apply....

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Immigration Backstory

December 2013 The Dream: A few short years ago, I was in Durham, NH looking out a window onto the quiet town glittering with the reds and yellows of autumn. The trees were so vibrant that the colors could dance on the back of your eyelids long after they have fallen...

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