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Hi, I’m Lisa Harvey

I am a published freelance journalist, an aspiring novelist, and, on Sundays (just to throw a wild card in there), I play rugby.  I grew up in the US but now live in Italy with my husband (yes, he’s from here) and my French bulldog, Luna.

What started my writing career? My passion for books came from a Mum that always had a dog-eared paperback on the coffee table. The library was my travel destination before I ever stepped foot on a plane, and I discovered the world by turning pages. It was only reasonable what happened next. 

When you fill a little girl’s head with too many words, they sometimes can come pouring out in rivers of messy handwriting. 

Why do I write? I write because I want my words to influence others like books and articles have influenced me. I write because my pen doesn’t shake like my voice usually does – and I think that my written words are louder. I write because of how important it is to document today for tomorrow.

I write because I feel that my life experiences have given me a unique opportunity to view the world in a way most never do, and that, coupled with being able to somehow organize all of those thoughts on paper, makes me think that this is how I will be able to make a difference. This is how I will make my work mean something and be honestly influential. 

Overall, I write because it makes me happy – and if I am happy to do to my work (and my editors and clients are happy with my work), it’s never work for me.