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About Me


Even though many disagree with the “writing what you know” agenda, I have taken it to heart and have used it throughout my writing career. 

I wrote the first piece I was proud of when I was twelve years old. It was about the old barn in New Hampshire that kept memories of my family’s past. I knew every story from the hay loft, and grew up running past the big barn door. That little paragraph of middle – school writing was edited to be my college essay. 

As I gained my degree in English, my writing was still focused on that barn, my life experiences, New England living, and anything and everything I felt that I knew.

I know I can put my entirety into writing that I believe in and understand. 

Since my weekends in New England, I’ve learned how to write from numerous incredible professors, traveled, and found myself getting married in a palace in Florence, Italy. Now, this Renaissance city is my home. 

I still want to write what I know and that is why I specialize in travel. From a barn in New England, to the outlook over Mount Solaro on the Isle of Capri, I write about where I’ve been and what I’ve experienced. I want to help others fall in love with the world as I have – and if I can do it through my words, I’ll do it with passion and happiness.