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Hi, I’m Lisa Harvey

I am a published freelance journalist, an aspiring novelist, and, on Sundays (just to throw a wild card in there), I play rugbyI grew up in the US but now live in Italy with my husband (yes, he’s from here) and my French bulldog who is most appropriately named Stitch after Disney’s monster…because he is one.

My passion for books came from a Mum that always had a dog-eared paperback on the coffee table. The library was my travel destination before I ever stepped foot on a plane, and I discovered the world by turning pages. It was only reasonable what happened next.

When you fill a little girl’s head with too many words, they sometimes can come pouring out in rivers of messy handwriting. 

I write because I want my words to influence others like books and articles have influenced me. I write because my pen doesn’t shake like my voice usually does – and I think that my written words are louder. I write because of how important it is to document today for tomorrow. I write for the thrill of doing research (don’t ask my husband how long I poured over immigration reform) to make sure the facts are there, to lay out information so it is easy to spread pure knowledge, so that more people can gain understanding – whether the topic is how those that have disabilities can still study abroad, or how it feels to live everyday in a country with another language other than your own. 

Overall, I write because it makes me happy – and if I am happy do to my work (and my editors and clients are happy with my work), it’s not ever work for me.