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Freelance Travel Blogging & Content Marketing Services

Focus on International Lifestyles & Education

Guide Book Creation

Do you have an Airbnb rental or a vacation home? Do you need assistance on giving your guests all the information about your house and the surrounding sights? I have experience writing personal guidebooks for apartment rentals in Florence, Italy and can help you make your guide to your city as extensive as possible.


Having a solid brand isn’t the only thing necessary for creating traffic to your website. With personalized blog posts that reference your content and cause, we can draw attention to your products and bring you more customers!


Content Creation

Even if you have a great product, you may not have the right words to put it out there.  I can assist my clients in creating content for their websites, as well as promotional marketing materials and descriptions. After speaking with you about your general message and overall voice you would like to have for your content, I will be able to form these thoughts into a highly-readable and inciting content that will draw in more clients and create more visibility.

Social Media Management

Social media has become a necessity in promoting your brand. From the basics of Facebook, to giving you tips and tricks to attract customers by way of Instagram, I can assist you in gaining a larger circle of followers and customers in a relatively short amount of time.

Why choose me to help your business?

I Write About What I Know

  • I limit my professional writing to specific topics so I can guarantee that my focus is 100% on my clients and their message – travel being the most prominent niche that.
  • I refuse to write about any topic I have not had years of experience with or that I have not extensively researched.
    • My current specializations are in international lifestyles and education. I have worked within international study programs for the past five years since I moved from New England to Florence, Italy.

My Clients Come First

  • My professional writing is for the client and I make sure that you are satisfied with all aspects of working with me from deadlines to edits. I take my relationships with my clients personally and am available for video chats, phone calls, and email to make sure we discuss every detail necessary before I begin writing for you. Though it is my words on the paper, I want to represent you and your business the way you want to be represented. This means discussion and a thorough plan on tone and execution of project until you are satisfied with the plan and the finished product.
  • To learn more about me, visit my About Me page!